AnotherDXF2Shape: number of a parcel

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AnotherDXF2Shape: number of a parcel

Beitrag von Pierre » 19. November 2016, 11:48

Dear Sir,
I use QGIS version 2.18 in french.
I use your new converter Another DXF Input/DXF2Shape converter. It is better than the old DXFShape converter .
I have this problem: If I have a layer text , all the labels text ( by example he number of a parcel) are preceded by a marker of style like \farial| i0| b0 ; 41A . 41A is the number.
I use system for text.
When I load a layer text in shape, the text is good , just by example the number of a parcel.

Can you help me.

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Re: layer text in shape

Beitrag von Mike » 19. November 2016, 11:59

Hi Pierre,
a DXF uses different formatting for texts. These formats are not
converted by the plugin.
This has to be set manually in QGIS.

For example, if the text is

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{\ fArial | b0 | i0 | c0 | p34;theText}
You can filter the real text using the following code:

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Greatings Mike
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mit freundlichen Grüßen Mike :)
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Re: AnotherDXF2Shape: text attributs

Beitrag von Mike » 21. Dezember 2016, 09:37

Hi @all ;) ,
the current version V0.5 (20.12.16) support the complet text attributs.
The labels will be render with correct:
  • -angle (rotation)
    - font
    - text-alignment (from OGR 2.1)
    - bold (on/off)
    - italic (on/off)
    - color
The plugin also support many of text fomating codes:

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{\fVerdana|b0|i1|c0|p34;Ein Text}
mit freundlichen Grüßen Mike :)